Response Codes Facebook Postmaster

What an extensive list ! And gradually, the Forensic Auditor in me, in combination with the Information Systems Auditor within, is becoming aware why Facebook can become a threat to the innocent, deemed as a violator of some petty and illogical application of policies, procedures, standards and God knows what else! Thank MAHADEV I am leaving such a restrictive and ugly place – at least for me, this is 100% true!!



Remembering Vinod Khanna, the truth-seeker

Shobha De’s article on Page 2 of todays (06-May-2017) Ahmedabad Mirror Ahmedabad edition is, like most of then, extraordinarily eye-opening. The story of the superstar who left it all to become a sanyasi and then came back again to claim his place in the industry is well told, as usual. You can see that VK was indeed one of the more loved but less talked about star’ s of Bollywood!! Cheers!!

06-May-2017 | 08:21 Hours IST | #SGJ7